Growing up during the tail-end of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era, ThatGirl was heavily influenced by the consciousness which characterized this period in music. A time of jazz, funk, and soul samples. A time of street poetry and uncensored politics. Further cultivated amidst the eclectic San Francisco Bay Area art and music scene, eventually DJing became her main form of self-expression. Since then, ThatGirl has been moving dance floors with an exquisite blend of beats, spanning across a variety of music genres, old and new. She has rocked crowds worldwide while still maintaining an organic, original appeal.


Using music as a tool for transformation, she first gained widespread attention with the release of “Summer Love”, a mixtape which seamlessly covered multiple genre’s of music while still maintaining a deeply emotive theme and rhythmic consistency. She is the founder of Dime Talent Group, a woman owned and operated mobile DJ company.


Reveling in the type of music that brings the listener back to the soul, she paints musical soundscapes of raw emotion, playing sets that convey pure feeling, where time becomes nonexistent and the spirit becomes captivated by the groove.


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